Our Mission

The mission of the LACMA Health Equity Council is to foster an environment for LACMA which promotes the full health potential and well-being of every member of society, advocating for equity and justice for all.   

Black, Latino and Pacific Islander residents of Los Angeles County have twice the mortality rate from COVID-19 than do white residents according to new data from the LA County Department of Public Health, a troubling reminder of the role racism and inequity play in healthcare every day. 

The work of the new LACMA Health Equity Council will strive to promote the full health potential and well-being of every member of society and advocate for equity and justice for all. The long-term plan for the council is to educate members and the broader community and engage community organizations.

In doing so, LACMA will:

  • Advocate for the elimination of socioeconomic injustices that drive health inequities  

  • Support the dismantling of policies and practices that uphold discriminatory systems adversely affecting our patients and communities

  • Lead the transformation of the local medical community towards anti-racism practice

  • Create a platform to support organizations and communities working to end to all forms of discrimination and oppression

  • Develop strategic collaborations with medical societies, other health professional organizations, community-based groups and advocates to achieve the goal of health equity

Meet the Health Equity Council


Dr. Diana Shiba

Co-Chair & LACMA President

Dr. Jerry Abraham


Dr. William King


Dr. Hector Flores


Dr. C Freeman


Dr. Sion Roy


Dr. Resa Caivano 


Dr. Troy Elander 


Dr. Valencia Walker


Los Angeles County Medical Association | 1055 W. 7th St, Suite 2290, Los Angeles, CA 90017 | Emai: info@lacmanet.org

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